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Pteris offers a complete portfolio of business services designed to simplify our customers' lives. This allows them to concentrate on what they do best - serving their customers - without the worry of day-to-day administration.

We can help you get started, take you to the next level or provide long-term ongoing assistance. Please browse our services via the menu above or contact us for a one-to-one consultation.

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25.03.2020: Working from Home

As the corona virus is causing many of us to work from home, here are some top tips to keep it as productive as possible.


11.03.2020: The Budget

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is delivering his first Budget in the House of Commons, announcing the government's tax and spending plans for the year ahead.


26.01.2020: Preparing for Bexit

#5 Data Protection

Most of the data protection rules affecting small to medium-sized businesses and organisations will stay the same after exiting the EU. The UK is committed to maintaining the high standards of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the government plans to incorporate it into UK law after Brexit.

No EU contacts or customers – where a business does not receive personal data from the EU, little or no additional work will be required to prepare for data protection compliance after Brexit.

— Businesses that receive data from the EU – where an organisation receives personal data from contacts in the EEA, extra steps will be needed to ensure that the data can continue to flow after Brexit.
— Businesses will need to comply with both UK and EU data protection regulations after Brexit if they have an office, branch or other established presence in the European Economic Area (EEA), or if they have customers in the EEA.

27.10.2019: Run your business from an office or your home?

What exactly is the value to my practice of having an office? For some, getting an office is the next step but it isn't necessarily right for all. What value does having an office bring to your business, and could that investment and monthly cost be spent better elsewhere?

Will it build your business or just be an unnecessary overhead? Remember, you will probably be tied into at least a three-year contract, if not more. You also need to consider the whole cost, it is not just the rental but also service costs, insurance, broadband, phone, furniture, etc.

Office units in business centres offer wonderful opportunities to network with other businesses. As you grow you need to bring your team together and an office will enable this; it will also provide a central hub and much-needed storage space for client documents. It also provides a presence for your business; some practices have taken premises on high streets which clearly puts you in the public eye.


One of the questions you may have asked of your practice is without an office, how do you bring your team together and also keep a profile in my local community? Linking with a business centre that offers hot-desking and meeting rooms can be the answer. This gives the ability to have a flexible cost-efficient option that meets business needs; and the key attraction is the ability to connect with local businesses in the area.

So, to office or not — basically, the question you really need to ask is "What value will it add to my practice?" Every practice is different and getting an office is not necessarily the next step but for some, it will be a step well taken.

Finance & Bookkeeping

A complete range of accountancy services. Simple book-keeping, payroll, and taking care of your VAT and statutory requirements; right up to full management accounting.

IT & Web / Applications Development

Websites built or upgraded with simple static content; or complex interactive sites with unique features. Bespoke applications created. Advice on strategy and data security.

Company & Administration

A range of miscellaneous services to simplify running your company or setting up. Starting with company formation, advice on strategy. For the individual, get that perfect CV written. Families and companies can save money on their utilities.

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