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01.05.2004: CPFC Match Sponsors vs. Burnley

We were proud match sponsors of the Nationwide Division 1 match between Crystal Palace and Burnley, on 10th January 2004.

Our man of the match was England under-21 international Ben Watson, seen here receiving his award from Director Janice.

Thanks to all our clients who were able to attend - hope you enjoyed the day!

02.02.2004: Seraphim Testimonial

Janice from Pteris has worked for us for a few months now. She is very amicable to work with and nothing is too much trouble. She is flexible in her working hours which suits us as a company.

Although she is more familiar with Sage, she has done a good job with our Quickbooks, and if she does not know how to do something initially she will find a way to do it. I enjoy working with her.


– Sandra Nathaniel, Director – Seraphim Group Limited

08.01.2001: Business Finance Tips

#1 Keep your personal and business finances separate

Mixing your personal and business finances will inevitably result in confusion. It might seem convenient to charge everything to a single card, but ultimately this will make tracking your spending far more complicated than it needs to be.

Begin by opening separate bank and credit card accounts for your business. For the ongoing tracking and measuring of your finances, and for tax purposes, this practice will take a major headache out of sorting your transactions every quarter, or every year as the case may be.


This will also take the guesswork out of the equation. If you want to be successful in business, you need to be able to monitor and track your key performance indicators. You need to know the score, and some of the most important elements include cash flow, expenses, revenue, profit and so on.

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